To Connect, Develop and Champion

Exceptional Young Women in Business 

 You know when you meet a young woman in business and they’re sharp, switched on, and a lovely person and you think “you’ll go far”? Well imagine a room full of them, cheering each other on, and that’s my vision for the Sorority.”

- Heather Gray, Founder.


Our members are committed to their own personal development, and to champion the growth of their Sorority Sisters  


We don't believe in bringing your corporate persona to Sorority events, we want you  to be you - your beautiful, flawed whole self. 

We operate Chatham House rules and create a safe space. (IE What happens in Sorority stays n Sorority.) and all members commit to fostering a positive, supportive atmosphere.


We're firm believers of building your peer network now, and by bringing together truly exceptional women at similar stages of their career, we can soundboard challenges and celebrate successes together.


Unlike networking circles with a focus on new business generation or brand promotion, our girl gang concentrates on the personal and professional development of our members as individuals.

This is a group for young women on their way up the career ladder; the “ones to watch”. Our aim is to equip our members with the skills that will bring success as a leader now, and provide opportunities for them to be honed along the way.

Our members are inspirational, friendly and ambitious; and by bringing together women at the same stages of their career, we create a peer network that will support and develop each other.

We host two kinds of monthly events: Our open "Rush" events bring together around 40-50 attendees, and our Sorority Supper Clubs bring together around 25-30 young women for executive training over a nice dinner.

As our members are some of the best connected young women in the city, you can be sure that if we love it, we'll tell all our friends, organise our corporate events, and schedule a couple of meetings there too. 

If you feel strongly about supporting the next generation of female business leaders, or if your CSR campaigns need a bit of a boost, why not support us?

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