The phrase "networking event" conjures up images of groups of people talking with no way of approaching and getting a word in. Who wants to spend their time feeling awkward about talking to strangers? Surely it should be enjoyable?! We've found that facilitated discussions help build long-lasting relationships and also ease the nerves of anyone who is attending alone. They're centred around a specific theme, typically an issue that women face in the workplace, and so at each of our events you not only expand your network, but learn something valuable as well.

What is a chapter?

A Chapter is a group in each city. We currently have two Chapters; Manchester and Liverpool. As we grow we are looking at opening up Chapters in Leeds, Sheffield and London so watch this space!

How does membership work?

It’s really simple! Members each pay a subscription of £10 per month and have access to a support system of incredible women, and receive discounts to our events. It is possible to come to Sorority events without being a member, but we find that once most ladies have been to a few events and met the girls, they are keen to be a part of our community, have the support of the other women in the group, and make long-lasting friendships.

What do I get with my membership?

Discounted Tickets to Events

We run a networking event every other month. These are similar to a typical networking event where the idea is to meet and get to know one another. However, unlike many other networking events, we don't make lead-generating our primary focus. Leave those business cards at the door (you'll get a list of everyone's details afterwards) and focus on getting to know the real people behind the corporations. After some ice-breakers and introductions, we then get together in groups to discuss a variety of topics that are important to our personal and professional development; female friendships, female rivalry in the workplace, writing emails without coming across as apologetic or abrasive. You get the idea.

A ticket to one of our networking events will include welcome drinks and canapés and cost £7.50 per member - a discount of %50.

We also run a Sorority Supper Club every other month. These are super-charged sessions with a focus group of incredible women, where we cover hard skills that are crucial to our professional development. Over dinner in a private space, you’ll learn about topics such as presentation skills, negotiation skills, assertiveness and managing difficult conversations. They provide an opportunity for group discussion as well as actionable points that you can put into place at work.  

Sorority Supper Club tickets include a 2-course dinner and a large glass of wine and are priced at £25 per member - a discount of £5.

Sorority Online

The biggest benefit of the Business Sorority is the friendship and peer support of our member network.

Members have access to Slack group for real-time chat, with channels for personal and career conversation, as well as channels for health, book recommendations, and even a space to share what we are grateful for so we can uplift one another with positive stories. You can talk to the group as a whole, or choose to discuss certain topics within your own Chapter.

Every member commits to Chatham house rules, meaning what happens in Sorority stays in Sorority, and pledges to support and champion the personal and professional development of her Sorority Sisters. You can share problems and celebrate successes in confidence.  We’ve seen advice on everything from how to go about asking for a promotion, to how to deal with a tricky breakup, swapped business recommendations and shared guidance from our work specialisms; imagine a group of women who are in the same boat as you, and just “get it” – that’s what we’ve created.


Twice a year we hold weekend retreats. These are open to members in all Chapters and provide an opportunity for more bonding, growth and development. These weekends include a workshop with Auctus Training with a focus on mindfulness and overcoming pressures that are put upon us by ourselves or others, We have had a phenomenal success from previous workshops and the girls who attend leave feeling re-energised, motivated, and ready to take on the world.


The Business Sorority is known as an exclusive group for talented, ambitious and inspirational young women in Business and is a network you can be proud to be part of. Members can join our Sorority LinkedIn Page, adding our badge to your profile, and connecting you to Sorority Sisters across the UK. We can also facilitate introductions within or between cities for our members.


Social Media

We are active on nearly every social media channel, and are happy to promote the personal and professional interests of our members. Members have the opportunity to contribute content, and we are happy to share press releases and news about you or your business.

Business Sorority Champions

We recognise that in today’s world it is incredibly valuable for an independent party to vouch for a businesses commitment to championing young women in their organisation. Our website features “Business Sorority Champions” – organisations who have put forward a member, covered costs of their involvement, and committed to our pledge of gender parity. These Champions are welcome to use our badging on any of their promotional materials, and will be featured in regular marketing content.


I don’t know anyone who is a member – can I still join?

Absolutely! If you want to develop your skills, widen your network or simply find a bunch of friends who just "get" what it's like to be an ambitious woman, then this is the group for you.

If you aren’t lucky enough to know one of our members, but are interested in joining, you can get in touch with one of our founders who will arrange a coffee with one of the girls. That way, you’ll know what to expect and you’ll have a friendly face waiting for you at your first event! This is by no means necessary - you can also simply turn up and have a great evening!

Again, we need to stress that by definition of our values, all our members are committed to championing each other’s best interests. We know a girl gang can be intimidating, but we don’t stand for bitchiness or bullying. You can be sure of a warm welcome, and an inspiring, uplifting atmosphere at any of our events.


Not at all. We have a number of members who struggle to make it to our events because they work just outside of the city, or frequently work late at the office. That hasn't stopped them from making really valuable connections through our community. In fact, when one of our members finally made it to an event, she already felt as though she knew everyone!

I know someone fabulous - how do i get them involved?
Just send them our way! We find that a lot of members enjoy looking at our Instagram page to get an idea of the overall vibe. We can offer discounts to those who have been recommended by a member! 
Is food included?

As standard, our networking events will offer canapés or light bites, but we encourage attendees to have something beforehand so things don’t get messy. We deliberately start our events at 6pm, giving you time to grab something if you work a 9-5. 24 hours before the event we’ll send you a breakdown email of everything you need to know for the following night, which will include a few options of nearby eateries.

Our Sorority Supper Club includes a 2 course dinner, so don’t worry about eating beforehand.


Will I be expected to participate in anything?


We plan our events to ensure you get the most out them, so we often run activities that encourage people to talk and meet as many members as possible. Sometimes this is something just as simple as a conversation topic and is never designed to make anyone feel uncomfortable.


What if I don’t drink?


That’s fine! Many of our members don’t! You’ll be under no pressure to drink, we always offer mocktail or alcohol free alternatives, and our Rush and Dinner events don’t involve drinking games so in no way would you be left out. Some of the girls like to make a night of it after the event and go out for a few drinks, but there’s no obligation to join in.


How active do I have to be? – I’m naturally an introvert!


We know there is no One Size Fits All when it comes to participation. Some members love talking daily in the Slack groups, and others would rather put that conversation on mute and read it to keep in the loop. There are even those who prefer to stay in touch with the members they get on with privately and build on their relationships that way.

Likewise, we know that some of our members have family and work commitments that can sometimes mean they are unable to attend an event for a couple of months, or prefer to only attend the Rush events.


We have members who are introverted and extroverted, shy and talkative, quiet and loud. Our mix of perspectives and personalities make us a stronger team.


The important thing is that you feel comfortable, Every member is a valued part of the team, no matter what level of activity is involved.

sounds great! – how do i sign up?!


Head on over to our Membership Application page, fill in your details, set up your payment, download your pledge, and you're in! Welcome along!