Heather gray

Founder - Business Sorority

In the Manchester networking scene, the name 'Heather Gray' comes up in conversation whether she is present or not. As one of the most connected young-women in the city (she's still in her mid/late 20s) if you've been to a networking event and haven't met her, you have most probably heard her name.

In 2017 she realised that of all the events she'd been to, there was yet a group that was dedicated to the development of talented young women, and after getting together 15 of the brightest and most exceptional girls she'd met, she created the Business Sorority.

Heather kick-started her career in sales, before spotting a role that she'd love to pursue and finding herself a mentor to push her in the right direction. This led to Heather becoming Corporate Partnerships Manager at Avensure, where she used her networking skills to bring people together, develop marketing strategies, and deliver memorable events with engaging content.

With the success of the Business Sorority and the scale of events that she was able to plan and bring to life, Heather took the plunge and formed her own company, Heather Gray Events, in the winter of 2017.

Heather is instantly lovable, has a talent for bringing out the best in everyone she meets, and is a true cheerleader. Her laugh is infectious, and it is impossible to be in any mood other than positive when she is around. Even more so when she is joined by her beloved dog, Fox - almost as Twitter famous as she is!


A truly inspirational leader, loyal friend, and go-getter, she is just what the women of Manchester need - even if they don't know it yet.

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