Jess Jackson

Operations Manager - The Evergreen Group

The title of Operations Manager doesn't do Jess justice. As much as Jess grows Evergreen as a company from within by lending business support, she also assesses new opportunities, such as investments and acquisitions. So far she has completed 3 business acquisitions totalling over £60m!

As if that's not enough for Jess to do on a day-to-day basis, she's also an avid blogger and has a passion for small businesses. Her website, Jess And The Bee, showcases handmade creations and local produce - helping small companies advertise for free on her platform.

And her passion doesn't stop there! In 2017 Jess founded &TheHive - a support network for Manchester businesses, delivering community and support, to ensure that businesses don't just survive, but succeed.

As you can probably tell, Jess loves bees. But she is also a self-confessed cat enthusiast. She likes all things edible, glittery and vintage, with a weakness for shoes, colourful clothing items that never actually match anything else that she owns, nail polish, and cats. Especially cats.

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