Sanya Wadud

Co-Founder - Perfect Samosa

Sanya is an entrepreneur executively managing Perfect Samosa, the North West’s most exciting up and coming artisan food business championed by the BBC Good Food Show in its first year of incorporation and leading a loyal army of #Samocerers across England. The business runs from a high spec SALSA accredited kitchen and office premises in Chester and is at its third location in two years accommodating its growing needs. Perfect Samosa have attended and exhibited at over 1200 events, artisan market and food festivals over the past 22 months, currently recruits over 6 people internally and has plans to grow considerably adding to both the team and event directory in 2018 to meet demand.

Sanya didn’t always plan to go into business. Just two years prior in 2016, Sanya was well on her way to carving a successful career in the legal sector as a solicitor having graduated with a qualifying legal education and excelling in her training. However, Sanya very quickly learned it was not the specific legal profession that interested her but more the commercial body of the organisation she worked for that lit up the commercial awareness and business acumen lobes in her brain; the growth of law firms as a business and the specific ways a professional product or service can be best branded in order to increase sales. She started attending 7am networking meetings on her own initiative with Partners of firms indulging her curiosity in how established businesses acquire leads generating income.

In addition, Sanya is the type of person that likes to be challenged at various levels and have creative input in all aspects of a company. Following a negative response from her law firm on her desire to legally train the newly qualified solicitors (being a qualified Westlaw legal research trainer for two years herself at her university) and having configured her own training programme, Sanya decided this was the rejection she needed to finally take control and channel her creative energy and otherwise unrefined passion towards something that she had full control over growing. With the help of societies such as the Women’s Organisation and Entrepreneurial Spark, Sanya took the leap of faith and decided to go into partnership with her mum Kay transforming a hobby of creative cooking into a well-respected, profitable business championing women in business everywhere and pursuing her appetite for thinking big.

Sanya is one of the core, original members of the Sorority, plays an active role at the Sorority events and contributes entrepreneurial insight to her Sorority peers as well as fearlessness and passion. She took home the ‘Most Enthusiastic/ Welcoming Personality’ Award at the 2017 Sorority Christmas Party and prides herself on her enthusiasm, positivity and assertiveness.  

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