Sherrelle Scott

Corporate Solicitor - HRC Law LLP

It is universally acknowledged that Northerners are exceptionally kind and friendly, and Sherrelle is a personification of this. As an Assistant Corporate Solicitor at HRC Law LLP, Sherrelle offers her clients something that most lawyers struggle to achieve - an ability to explain complex legal points in layman's terms.

Sherrelle is a role model for all women who are considering establishing their career after having a family; she was already a mum when she started further education! This solid work ethic and her great sense of humour make Sherrelle a joy to work alongside. She's also a champion of mental health; an essential quality in the professional services industries, and provides a great ear when it comes to discussing matters that many shy away from.

And if you're looking for the life of the party - look no further. As the ultimate wing-woman, she can approach and start a conversation with just about anyone. As you'd expect with any proud Northern Mancunian, her personality is vibrant and there's no doubting the fun you can have with Sherrelle around.

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