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November 28, 2018

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An Evening Routine to Help Your Mind Wind Down

February 16, 2018

We all know the rules of bedtime. No phones. No electric devices for an hour before bed. No caffeine. No alcohol. And it's not necessarily that we don't want to abide by these rules so we can the perfect night of sleep, but rather, we have entirely different habits that we can't seem to break. A glass of wine or cup of tea whilst watching the latest episode of your current Netflix binge? Check. Scrolling through Facebook and Twitter whilst you're in the bathroom? Check. Reading the email that just pinged because you didn't put your phone on Do Not Disturb and then start mentally going over everything you need to do? Check again.


It seems as though it's an impossibly cycle to break, but it's not! It's just habit. Habits can be changed.



Get into your clothes for bed before going to the bathroom


Turn off the main light and opt for a lamp instead (the lumie lamp gradually dims over 30 minutes). Put on your comfy PJs, a t-shirt and shorts, or a dressing gown if you opt to not wear clothing at night. By doing this before you go to the bathroom, you're more likely to put your clothes away on hangers and in the washing basket instead of throwing them on your floordrobe.


Set out everything you are going to use on the counter


If you have the space, try keeping everything you use at night in one box or drawer. Get each thing out so it's laid out in front of you so you're not tempted to skip a