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21 Ideal Christmas Gifts for Ambitious Women

November 28, 2018

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April Rush Event - Creativity at The Daisy

April 9, 2018

It's bound to happen, when starting up a business and finding your feet, that you occasionally make mistakes. In hindsight, organising a Rush Event the day after Easter weekend probably wasn't the best idea (a lot of people were on holiday or had a lot of work to do in a 4 day week) but what else can we do other than chalk it up experience?


Luckily for us, our Creativity night was perfectly suited to a smaller group! With just 2 new faces, we opted-out of ice-breakers and facilitated conversation topics, and instead simply sat around a table in the corner of The Daisy, a private member's lounge, of which we had the entire place to ourselves.



The evening was very relaxed; bottles of wine and prosecco on the table and craft kits handed out to all, we began making our own dreamcatchers and it was... a lot harder than it looked!


Wrapping the leather around the hoop proved very tricky, and most struggled to achieve the classic web that is associated with a dreamcatcher. Still, the failures were the source of a lot of a