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21 Ideal Christmas Gifts for Ambitious Women

November 28, 2018

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April Rush Event - Creativity at The Daisy

April 9, 2018

It's bound to happen, when starting up a business and finding your feet, that you occasionally make mistakes. In hindsight, organising a Rush Event the day after Easter weekend probably wasn't the best idea (a lot of people were on holiday or had a lot of work to do in a 4 day week) but what else can we do other than chalk it up experience?


Luckily for us, our Creativity night was perfectly suited to a smaller group! With just 2 new faces, we opted-out of ice-breakers and facilitated conversation topics, and instead simply sat around a table in the corner of The Daisy, a private member's lounge, of which we had the entire place to ourselves.



The evening was very relaxed; bottles of wine and prosecco on the table and craft kits handed out to all, we began making our own dreamcatchers and it was... a lot harder than it looked!


Wrapping the leather around the hoop proved very tricky, and most struggled to achieve the classic web that is associated with a dreamcatcher. Still, the failures were the source of a lot of amusement and the more wine was consumed, the worse our efforts became.


With such a small group, we were able to all talk together about a variety of topics: wedding plans, new jobs, blogging, and holidays. Any outsiders looking in wouldn't think for a moment that 2 of the ladies with us that evening had only met us all for the very first time.


Small, but perfectly formed. The best evenings are all about the company you're in, and with that, we really did have the best night.