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November 28, 2018

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Star Sister Interview with Caroline Stevenson

June 25, 2018

What a year it's been for Caroline Stevenson! Her social enterprise, Foodinate, has not only been on the telly, but she's partnered with Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville's company, GG Hospitality, AND has been an all-around general supportive superstar. Caroline never hesitates to be there for her fellow Sorority Sisters - Fran and Cheryl have benefited from all her love, support and time, and it is impossible to be around her without feeling positive. We caught up with her to find out all about Foodinate, combating food poverty, and her thoughts on being a Sorority Sister.



Oh hey Caroline! Congratulations on being this month's Star Sister!!


Oh, hey you! Didn't see you there...


Thank you! I feel honoured. I would like to thank my mum, my dad, my sorority sisters...


First things first - when we first heard of Foodinate we were in awe. For those who aren't aware, Foodinate is a meal for meal initiative and partners with local restaurants. Whenever a Foodinate-branded meal is purchased, a meal is donated to someone in need - at no extra charge to the customer. It's such a fantastic idea and begs the question - what gave you the idea to set up a social enterprise straight out of university?


It's a cliché, but we live in one of the richest countries in the world yet the level of need on the streets of Manchester made me feel angry. My mum had her own social enterprise, Active Age, and I had enterprises on the go in my school years, and so I used that experience after university. Honestly, it couldn't wait. I felt such a sense of urgency to do something about the increasing homeless problem and I’ve always been trying to think of a sustainable idea to address the issue in a positive way - I finally came up with an idea I thought could work, I called it Foodinate, and I've being going with it ever since.


This is so wonderful! It's really inspiring to hear that you saw a problem and then actually did something about it. You must have a moment that has made you proud?