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November 28, 2018

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Misconceptions In Recruitment - An Industry Just For Men?

August 22, 2018

Recruitment. A love-hate relationship for many. Are recruiters essential, or a necessary evil?


Let’s face it, recruitment isn’t going anywhere, and while you can sadly expect stereotypes in every industry, there seems to be a lack of correlation to what people ‘think’ about working in recruitment, as opposed to what it really is.


Day-in and day-out I hear: “I’ve heard really bad things about recruitment!” I know you are nodding at your screen now in agreement.


I interview dozens of prospective candidates looking for a career recruitment, yet I would say most of them carry a preconceived (and negative) idea of the industry. Why is this?


Its key to address that most people don’t grow up wanting to be a recruiter. Many recruiters simply ‘fall into it’, not unlike myself. I regret not joining the industry earlier - but how can you judge anything fairly when you haven’t experienced it first-hand?


We need to enhance the reputation of the recruitment industry, and over the coming months I want to start to dispel some of the misconceptions within the market. I wanted to start with one that’s close to my heart: women in recruitment!