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21 Ideal Christmas Gifts for Ambitious Women

November 28, 2018

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October Rush Event - Self Defence with Pete Baker

October 12, 2018

As Brett Kavanaugh dominates the news, the conversations being had between women regarding their safety have increased astronomically. The #MeToo movement is still gaining traction and it is not going away.


We so often try to separate our personal lives from our professional lives, but at what cost? Should we really keep avoiding talking about serious issues because we’re worried that our vulnerabilities come across as unprofessional?


We decided no, and October’s Rush Event took the concerned voices of these women and put on a Self Defence class with the help of Pete Baker from Adam Recruitment.



In true Sorority style we started by introducing everyone with an ice-breaker game (after offering everyone a glass of wine or Schloer, of course). Our go-to ice-breaker is a game of “Who Am I?” with the rule being that you can only ask each person one question, and thus encourage you to talk to as many people as possible. The theme of tonight’s “Who Am I” was Women You Definitely Would Not Want To Get Into A Fight With and included the likes of Daenerys Targaryen, Okoye, Lara Croft, Katniss Everdeen, and Villanelle (if you haven’t watched Killing Eve yet you absolutely must).


Next up it was time for discussion! We’ve found that having conversations in groups about topics not only helps the networking aspect of our events, but really builds on the community that we offer, with the ladies listening to one another and sharing their own experiences.


First of all, we explained why we thought it was necessary to do an event such as this, and spoke about a tweet that had gone viral in the past few weeks.



The overwhelming response to this question was “go for a walk”. Go for a walk. How heartbreaking is that?